Keeping it cool on the water

12/24Volt Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions


Q 1. My 12v 24v Fridge or freezer is not cooling at all?

Q Does the compressor run?

NO Then the problem is most likely to be electrical

  Q Have you isolated the thermostat?

NO Link out the thermostat on the compressor's electronic controller - see Checking Thermostat Manual

  Q Have you checked the electrical installation?

NO Use the Testing Electrical Installation manual

  Q Is your compressor a Danfoss BD35 or BD50?

YES Download the BD35 & BD50 Fault Diagnostics manual

YES If the compressor runs continually, the problem is likely to be a loss of gas - see Checking Refrigerant Charge on R134A Systems to confirm


Q 2. My 12v 24v Fridge or freezer is not getting sufficiently cold?

Is the Thermostat set correctly?

NO Turn the thermostat to a colder setting

Does the compressor run continually?

YES Check the refrigerant charge - see Checking Refrigerant Charge on R134A Systems

Is the evaporator (ice box) frozen over with heavy frost or ice?

YES Your cabinet may be faulty - see Cabinet Check List

Q    Is the equipment correctly specified and installed?

NO  See our correct evaporator page


Q3. Fridge/freezer too cold?

If your fridge is too cold and you find that you are freezing your tomatoes and salads, assuming the plate has been specified correctly, the most likely cause of the problem will be the thermostat. There are three possible reasons:-

1. The thermostat is not set correctly

Adjust the thermostat down to its lowest setting and see if the temperature in the fridge rises accordingly.  If there is no change in the temperature then check the probe or the thermostat is likely to be faultyT

2. The probe is not sensing correctly

If the fridge has a mechanicl thermostat and an evaporator plate then you need to check that the very end of the capillary sensing probe is touching the plate.  There is normally a clip or clamp to hold the probe in position.  Confirm that the end of the probe is touching the evaporator.  If it is not touching it will sense the temperature from the air in the box, not the plate and the evaporator plate will run too cold. 

3. The thermostat is faulty

If you have checked steps 1 & 2 above then the thermostat is likely to be faulty and will need to be replaced.  For more information on replacements thermostats go to either Frigoboat thermostats or Vitrifrigo thermostats