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Motorhome Manufacturers Increasingly Opt for 12V Compressor Fridges over Traditional 3 Ways

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Many top UK motorhome manufacturers and converters are already committed to 12v compressor fridges in their motorhomes and campervans, including Vantage Motorhomes, East Neuk, Jerba Campervans and the multi award winning Hyundai from Wellhouse Leisure.


1. Efficiency.

Compressor fridges are far more efficient when run on electricity 12v or 240v.  A 3 way fridge running on 12v will draw approx 9A plus continuously (+9A per hour).  A compressor fridges power requirement can be as low as 0.4A per hour for a 40 litre fridge.

2. Provides a truly independent fridge system

12V compressor fridges will run on solar power. Our tests suggest that as a rule of thumb for Vitrifrigo cabinets is that approx 1W of solar panel will provide enough power for a litre of refrigeration, (UK summer), giving you total freedom and ability to go truly ‘wild camping’.

3. Fast cool down

3 Way fridges take a long time to get cold because the cooling system relies solely on convection and gravity to make the ammonia flow.  12v compressor fridges will reach temperature within 15-30 minutes of turning on.

4. Greater Reliability

3 Way fridges will not work on a gradient due to the gravity required to make the process work. 12v compressor fridges will work on an angle of up to 30°!

5. Lower heat output

3 Way fridges generate significant heat due to the heating fundamental to the process and do not perform well in higher ambient conditions.

6. Easy to install

12V compressor fridges are easy to fit, you do not need a Corgi approved gas fitter, just a good source of 12 volt power and correctly sized cables.

7. No external vents required

No unsightly exterior vents required.  A good installation will ensure good air flow past the condenser of the 12v compressor fridges cooling unit, but does not require external vents.


What are the disadvantages of 12V compressor fridges

1. They are not silent in operation.

The compressor is extremely quiet, but the cooling fan is quite audible on standard compressor fridges.  However, following some recent work carried out with UK motorhome builders, Vitrifrigo have introduced new quieter fans across their range of 12v compressor fridges.  Cutting the noise of the fan by half means that they are now barely audible from 1m distance or when built into the kitchen furniture of the motorhome.

2. Compressor fridges do not run on gas.

This is also an advantage if you want your motorhome to be gas free or are conscious of the cost of buying gas to run your fridge compared to the equivalent cost for the electricity to run 12v compressor fridges

Vantage 12V compressor fridges

Vitrifrigo 12V compressor fridge fitted to Vantage Neo

Distributed through Penguin Refrigeration in the UK, Vitrifrigo provide the most extensive range of 12v compressor fridges in both front and top opening configurations.  For more details visit the Penguin Refrigeration website

Vitrifrigo launch new energy saving Mini Bars for Hotels

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Vitrifrigo launch their brand new Next-D Mini Bars for Hotels into the UK market. High quality Italian manufacture and styling the Next-D  fridges are the most power efficient mini bars for hotels available.

UK’s first Mini Bars for Hotels with Silent Compressor Technology

By using the latest silent compressor operation ensuring excellent performance at the lowest power consumption Vitrifrigo have achieved the highest energy rating, A+++ for this new stylish minibar range. This means a hotel installing 10 Vitrifrigo Next-D minibars in place of their standard absorption minibars will reduce their energy bill by approximately £200 per annum. 


Vitrifrigo mini bars for hotels

Extensive Range with Options on Door Finish and Styles

Available in two sizes, 30 or 40 litres capacity, the Vitrifrigo Next-D mini bars can be free standing or mounted behind furniture doors using a sliding hinge kit.  Available with either a replaceable black panel or glass fronted door, all feature an internal LED light and door open indicator as standard.

Minibars for Hotels available from Penguin Refrigeration 

Vitrifrigo Next-D mini bars are distributed by Penguin Refrigeration in the UK. For more details and pricing on the new Next-D range or any other mini bars for hotels from Vitrifrigo visit the Penguin refrigeration website or email