Upgrading your Dometic 3 Way or Electrolux 3 Way with a 12V Fridge

January 30th, 2015

Did you know the most efficient replacement fridge for any of the old 3 Way Electrolux RM212 models (RM212 RM212E RM212F) or the Dometic 3 Way fridges (RM5310 RM4210 RM4211 or RM4213) is a the new Vitrifrigo C60i 12V fridge.

RM212 Electrolux Fridge

12v fridge Vitrifrigo C60i replacement for RM212 and RM5310

The 12 volt Vitrifrigo C60i will fit straight into the existing space and will run directly from your 12 volt DC at a fraction of the power consumption. Consuming as little as 18A/h over 24 hours means you can run this fridge for 48 hours on a 75A/h battery without needing to put any charge back into the leisure battery.

12V Fridge

If you want to go wild camping then a 60W solar panel will give you more than enough power to run this fridge 24/7..

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All Dometic 3 Way fridges below can be replaced by the Vitrfirgo C60i 12V fridge

Dometic RM4210 which uses piezo ignition – Vitrifrigo C60i 12V fridge

Dometic RM4211 which uses electronic ignition – Vitrifrigo C60i 12V fridge

Dometic RM4213 which uses electronic ignition and Thermostatic control – Vitrifrigo C60i 12V fridge

Dometic RM5310 electronic ignition – Vitrifrigo C60i 12V fridge

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