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New from Penguin – Flowstream Water Filter for healthy drinking water on the move

Monday, August 21st, 2017

A no nonsense point of use water filter that delivers great tasting healthy drinking water from the convenience of your tap from just £59.50 inc VAT*.

Flowstream Water Filter

The unique filtration media in Flowstream water filter cartridges removes all major contaminants from your water including: lead and other heavy metals, chlorine and chlorine by-products as well as cyst and other harmful bacteria and hormones .  As the Flowstream is a point of use water filter it has built in Bacteriostatic control so there is no risk of any microbacterial growth in the either the water tank or the filter when the water filter is not in use.

By using a Flowstream filter you also avoid health dangers from drinking water from plastic bottles that contain Bisphenol A and/or phthalates, both proven to be harmful to human health.  Plus you will save money on the cost of bottled water and you will help the environment by reducing the use of bottled water which produces a vast amount of plastic waste and pollution around the planet.

Supplied in two compact sizes/flow rates, the Flow2 is just 265mm tall by 85mm diameter and delivers 2 litres per minute and the slightly larger High Flow, which is 390mm by 110mm diameter and delivers 6 litres per minute.  The compat sizes and simple installation with the twist lock head with 10mm push fit connections make both water filters ideal for boats, motor homes, campervans and welfare vehicles.

Key Features of Flowstream Water Filter:

  • NSF 42 & 53 certiied to meet health and aesthetic standards
  • Chlorine taste and odour reduction
  • Lime-scale and inhibition, anti-bacterial and reduces heavy metals
  • Cyst reduction, removes contaminants that cause health issues
  • Bacteriostatic control to inhibit microbial growth in the water system
  • Cartridge is easy connect/release with a 1/4 turn
  • Pressure range 0.7 – 8.5 bar 2-38 degrees C
  • Simple installation with 10mm push fit connections for standard 10mm flexi pipe

Install a vertical position with cartridge hanging below for easy replacement

*£59.50 is introductory offer for the FLOW2 (RRP £71.33 inc VAT)


New Vitrifrigo SLIM150 Fridge Freezer 12V & 24V

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Vitrifrigo SLIM150

For sometime we have been asked for a dedicated fridge freezer for the larger panel van conversions.  People were asking us for a compact fridge freezer with more volume, better internal storage and access and a good sized freezer for distance touring. It is great to know that Vitrifrigo are listening to their customers as they introduce the new Vitrifrigo SLIM150 which ticks all these boxes and more.

Key Features of the Vitrifrigo SLIM150

With 144 litres fridge capacity plus 16 litres of freezer capcity the Vitrifrigo SLIM150 was designed for the larger panel van conversions i.e. VW Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter, Citroën Relay, Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato. At just 400mm wide and 450mm deep (front to back including the doors( the SLIM150 also has an angled top and base to fit the curvature of the vehicle roof and floor of the vehicle.  This means the fridge freezer can fit close to the internal side of the van allowing you to give a wider space infront of the fridge.  To further maximise the volume of the Vitrifrigo SLIM150 the compressor is separate to the cabinet, supplied pre-charged with couplings, allowing it to be remotely mounted and then connected to the cabinet once installed.

Compact Dimensions of the Vitrifrigo SLIM150

Vitrifrigo SLIM150 Dimensions


The main fridge with internal freezer compartment sits above a drawer fridge below. The fridge has an internal LED light, two ‘lock in’ shelves with fiddle upstands (plus the dividing shelf between the fridge and drawer below).  The 16 litre insulated internal freezer box is 3 star rated.  The drawer internals are manufactured in stainless steel with heavy duty stainless steel runners. The internal height of the drawer is 365mm making it ideal for storage of large drinks bottles.  The SLIM150 doors use Vitrifrigo’s innovative AIRLOCK catch system and both doors have a vent position to prevent unpleasant odors when the fridge is turned off.

The Vitrifrigo SLIM150 is controlled by an LED thermostat, with a graduated light to show how cold the temperature is set. It also has a fast chill boost setting to bring the fridge freezer down to temperature quicker and a night mode when the compressor is switched to its economy mode and the noise is minimised.  The Vitrifrigo SLIM150 is powered with a BD50 12/24 volt  compressor, which can be easily upgraded to 12/24V and 110/240V.

Available from stock the new SLIM150 retails for £1433.82 ex VAT and delivery