Chilled Water Air Conditioning Systems

Centralised Chilled Water systems are best suited to larger installations with a significant number of areas that require independent climate control.  Using a central chiller and piping chilled water around the boat to fan coils in each cabin provides a really quiet, efficient system for climate control onboard.    

Climma Variable Power Chilled Water Sytems 

CWS DC Inverter Series - Climma's new water cooled inverter driven chillers have no additional start load. They modulate the compressor frequency from 12Hz to 100Hz to run at the optimum speed for any given ambient temperature or for power available. There are three sizes of Variable power chillers available from 40,000 BTU to 65,000 BTU, and chillers can be run in series to double up capacity as required.

Download the DC50 data sheet for full details 

CWS Solo or Duo

Nominal capacity from 60,000 Btu to 144,000 Btu. 230V/1/50Hz/60Hz or 400V/3/60Hz (multi phase).No start load with Frequency drive.  Available as modular units doubling nominal capacity.
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CWS Modul & Chorous
High capcity modular units for larger installations and super yachts 600,000 Btu and beyond

Air handlers available in EV and FC configurations from 3,500 Btu to 24,000 Btu nominal capacity

Sea Water, fresh water circuit and air distribution accessories. 

Fresh air make up, Extractors, Mister systems, Boilers