Marine Air Conditioning Accessories

Air Distribution Accessories
Good air distribution is the key to a good air conditioning system.  Poor air flow will not just stop the cabin from reaching the desired temperature, it may also restrict the fan and cause the air conditioner to fail.  Equally too large a duct or delivery grill and the conditioned air will not travel across the cabin properly.
To help confirm the size of grill you need click on the link to see our Grill selection table.
Climma offer a huge range of grills for both air delivery and return.  Styles starting with simple round plastic grills through to black, silver and gold anodised to a wide range of wood bveneer with Climma's unique Techno wood grills Click the link below to search for the size and style you require.  
Plastic Grills 
Wood Veneer Grills
Aluminium Grills 
Ducting, Back Boxes, Spiggots and Splitter Boxes
Providing good air flow through your delivery grill is key to getting the best from your air conditioning system.  Climma provide a complete range of insulated ducting, back boxes, splitter boxes and adapters to ensure the air delivery from your air conditioner is as effective as possible.  Follow the link link to our online shop to the complete product range.

Sea Water Cooling Accessories
With good air distribution the next key area to consider is good sea water cooling circulation.  Climma provide the complete solution from sea water intakes, ball valves and manifolds to pumps and pump interfaces click the link below for full details pumps.
Sea Water Fittings and Accessories