Climma Marine Air Conditioning MEVA9


The Climma EVA7 DRY PAN fan coil has been optimised to minimise vibration and noise and illiminate potential issues from condensation

Minimum Noise and Vibration

  • The Fan coil stands on 4 feet, each with antivibration mounts and is fixed in position with a further four fixing brackets again fitted with antivibration rubber mounts.
  • High quality blowers combined with the new PWM controller ensures incredibly smooth and quiet operation.
  • Lower minimum fan speed for the quietest operation.
  • Continuous speed variation for incredibly smooth transition for greater comfort
  • 15 speeds in AUTO mode 8 in MANUAL mode
  • All resulting in more accurate room temperature control

DRY PAN Condensate Drain

  • Deep tray, insulated stainless steel base,
  • Unique Climma angled DRY PAN combined with the flush soldered drains ensures that residual condenate water drains to practically nothing.
  • Further optional drains can also be installed opposite the standard ones for sailboat installations where significant healing may occur.

Minimum Maintenance
The fan is protected by a Climma air filter which should be cleaned periodically maintain performance. Otherwise the fancoil is maintenance free.

Options and Extras
Controller sold seperately, choose from either the digital Vega MK2 or the new Vega MK3 controller.
Optional version with strip heater alos available (MEVA9E)


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Technical Information

  • Dimensions (mm)288 W   304 H   377 D
  • Capacity (BTU/H)9000
  • Power (volts)230V 50Htz 110V 60Htz
  • Current (amps)1.01A
  • Weight (kg)9
  • Nominal Capacity9000 Btu/h
  • Duct Size 125mm

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