Frigoboat E50361Z

Keel Cooler With Protective Zinc Anodes (40mm Max Hull Thickness)

The Frigomatic keel cooler is undoubtedly the most efficient condensing unit for marine refrigeration currently available. 

Key Features:

  • Produced in marine bronze the sintered plate protects the heat exchanger from damage
  • Sintered bronze is porous so the water passes through to the heat exchanger inside
  • The heat exchanger is manufactured from cupro-nickel for maximum resistance against sea water corrosion.
  • supplied with sacrificial zinc anodes for further protection from galvanic corrosion


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Technical Information

  • Dimensions (mm)175 W   22 H   70 D
  • Weight (kg)2
  • Thread Diameter 38mm
  • Max Hull Thickness 40mm

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