Frigoboat E50100

Mod 200B Aluminium Box Evaporator

Box evaporators are ideal if you require a freezer compartment within your insulated box, where you can store frozen food & make ice. The rest of the ice-box is kept at refrigerator temperatures under the control of the thermostat.
The 200B evaporator can be used as a freezer compartment within a fridge up to a maximum volume of 200 litres.  
Key Features: 
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.  
  • Pre-charged refrigeration circuit including 2.8m of annealed copper pipe with the excellent Frigoboat self sealing couplings to connect to your chosen compressor.
  • If longer lengths are required pipe extensions are available from 1m to 6m in length 
  • Refrigerant expansion through individually tested capillary tube.
  • Food-compliant and corrosion-resistant epoxy paint.  
  • Includes installation kit of spacers and screws.


inc. VAT

Technical Information

  • Dimensions (mm)345 W   270 H   245 D
  • Capacity (litres)220
  • Freezer Capacity (litres)80
  • Weight (kg)1.6
  • Max Volume Fridge 220L - Freezer 80L
  • Recommended Compressor Fridge BD35 - Freezer BD50 
  • Max RPM Fridge 3000 - Freezer 3500

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