Frigoboat E52185

Mod 380inox Stainless Steel Plate Evaporator

Brushed stainless steel plate evaporator. Adds quality and is far more robust than the standard white painted aluminum evaporator.  Ideal for top loading cold boxes either dedicated as a fridge (between 200 to 380 litres) or as a freezer (up to 120 litres capacity).  
Key Features: 
  • Can be bent to fit around the inside of your box (to a minimum 35mm radius).  
  • Pre-charged refrigeration circuit including 2.8m of annealed copper pipe with the excellent Frigoboat self sealing couplings to connect to your chosen compressor.
  • If longer lengths are required pipe extensions are available from 1m to 6m in length 
  • Refrigerant expansion through individually tested capillary tube.
  • Food-compliant and corrosion-resistant.  
  • Includes installation kit of spacers and screws.
Note: Must be installed vertically.


inc. VAT

Technical Information

  • Dimensions (mm)1020 W   410 H   0 D
  • Capacity (litres)380
  • Freezer Capacity (litres)120
  • Weight (kg)4.1
  • Max Volume Fridge 380L - Freezer 120L
  • Recommended compressor Fridge BD50 - Freezer BD50
  • Max RPM Fridge 3500 - Freezer 3500

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