Frigoboat E52375

Fm200 Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Powered by the latest generation Danfoss BD35 compressor and cooled using Frigoboat's forced air aluminium finned condenser the FM200 is one of Frigoboat's basic air cooled compressor and condensing units.
(Note image is FM100 with different fan orientation, please refer to tech drawing for dimensions etc.)

Key Features:

  • Compact dimensions
  • Supplied with stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Copper coil aluminium finned forced air condenser.
  • Horizontal condenser configuration.
  • Supplied with speed regulator board (set speed 2,000 to 3500 rpm)
  • Precharged system with Frigoboat self sealing couplings. 
  • Optional 230V automatic mains adaptor.


inc. VAT

Technical Information

  • Dimensions (mm)300 W   165 H   180 D
  • Capacity (litres)200
  • Power (volts)12/24V
  • Current (amps)2.3 at 2000 RPM - 4.2 at 3500 RPM
  • Weight (kg)6.0
  • Max Volume Fridge 200L - Freezer 70L
  • Max RPM Fridge 3000 - Freezer 3500

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