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Danfoss 101N0510 Multi Voltage Electronic Controller for BD35 BD50 Compressor

Danfoss 101N0510 AC/DC Electronic controller for BD35 and BD 50 compressors.

This electronic controller is for Danfoss (now Secop) DC BD35 and BD50 compressors allowing you to run your 12v/24v fridge or freezer from a 110v or 230v AC supply (50Htz or 60Htz).

The controller has automatic priority switching to AC operation. The AC Voltage range is from 85 Volt AC up to 265 Volt AC 50 /60 Hz. The DC Voltage range is from 9.6 to 31.5 V DC.

Can also be supplied as an upgrade to a new Vitrifrigo or Frigoboat fridge. Must be ordered at time fridge is ordered and upgrade cost is £40.00 ex VAT (Model number PFMV)


inc. VAT

Technical Information

  • Power (volts)12/24V & 110/240V

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