Frigoboat E51785

Frigoboat Economy Device

The Economy device selects the refrigeration system mode of operation by measuring the available power supplied. The special algorithm of the Economy device makes it possible to manage both the Danfoss BD35F and BD50F compressors and has the following characteristics:
Normal operation referred to as ''thermostat'' using the adjustable thermostat supplied with the refrigerator.
Economy operation, enabling a 50% reduction in the refrigerator's electrical consumption.


Thermostat - This is the normal operating mode when there is not limitation on the power available. The temperature will depend upon the setting of the adjustable thermostat supplied with the refrigerator. Additionally, the Economy device guarantees frost-protection with its temperature sensor mounted mid-way up the refrigerator. With BD35F and BD50F compressors, their maximum speed can be predetermined between 2500 and 3500 rpm by means of the selectors in the ECOnomy panel (factory setting is at 3500 rpm).

Economy - When battery charging devices are not in operation, the Economy device follows its energy saving program, ignoring the thermostat setting and running the fridge at 10¡ C,controlled by its temperature sensor, keeping the com-pressor speed at a very economic 2000 rpm.

Battery protection - to protect the battery and wiring, the ECOnomy device shuts down the compressor if the available voltage drops below 10.6 volts and will not permit start-up until the power supply has risen above 11.8 volts. The ''power'' LED flashes raplidly indicating low voltage status.
The Economy device operates equally well with both direct expansion evaporators and with cold accumulator (Eutectic/holding plate) systems.
The Economy control system is unique in being the only economy system utilising a two sensor control system sensing both plate and box temperature.


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Technical Information

  • Current (amps)12V/24V
  • Thermostat Voltage Setting Above 12.7V or 25.4V
  • Economy Voltage Setting Below 12.2V or 24.4V
  • When voltage is between the 12.2 (24.4) and 12.7 (25.4) switch points, the system continues to run in the mode determined by the earlier voltage, until the next switch point is crossed for at least 100 seconds.

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