Climma Marine Air Conditioning MGNA2525

Black Aluminium Air Intake Grill

Air intake (also called return air grill) air conditioning grill.  With Climma's unique mesh air filter. Can be used as a single grill with stand alone units or fancoils up to 12,000 Btu or in combination with other grills used with larger capacity Compact units or fancoils. 

Key Features:

  • Black anodised Aluminium
  • Used with Compact units or air handlers up to 12,000 Btu


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Technical Information

  • Dimensions (mm)252 W   252 H   37 D
  • L' 252mm
  • L 283.8mm
  • H' 252mm
  • H 283.8mm
  • Cut Out Dimensions L' and H'

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