Climma Marine Air Conditioning MK3B

New Climma Vega MK3 Digital Air Conditioning Control

Innovative new digital control panel for Climma's Compact and Split Air-conditioners

Key features:

  • Large digital display indicates the actual ambient temperature.
  • When fan speed or the temperature set point is adjusted using the dial control the new setting will flash on the display.
  • Display also features an automatic dimmer from a built in ambient light sensor. 
  • Settings:  Single push button for power ON/OFF
    Temperature and fan speed control using new easy-to-use dial controls. 
  • 3 Main Function Modes:  
    Auto mode, Auto mode advanced and dehumidify. 
  • Temperature control:  Temperature sensor incorporated in the panel. Optional remote sensor if required.
  • Fan speed:  8 manual speeds plus auto mode. 
  • Utility:  Memory of the user settings: 
  • Connecting cable:  Ethernet type (3m as standard)


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Technical Information

  • Dimensions (mm)118 W   65 H   12 D
  • Total Depth inc Dials 25mm
  • Fixing holes 4mm

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