Sub-zero ICBBI30U

Sub-zero Over-Under Built in Refrigerator

Key Features of this Sub-zero fridge

Air Purification - Based on technology developed for NASA, bacteria, odours and ethylene gases are significantly reduced by this advanced air purification system.
Sub-zero Dual Refrigeration - Because each side has its own compressor, both fridge and freezer maintain optimum food storage conditions for food preservation; plus unwanted food smells aren't circulated between the two.
High Humidity Compartment - Our high humidity drawers are large, deep with a removable divider and importantly maintain a one degree celcius lower temperature, than the rest of the unit to further increase the life of your fresh produce.
Flip-Up Grille - All built-in models have a flip-up grille, making it easier to clean your condenser.
Advanced Lighting - Bright lighting spreads even illumination throughout each section. The source of the illumination is concealed.
Freshness Cards - Reference cards inside the unit will guide you in proper storage of fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.
Adjustable Shelves - The spill-proof cantilevered glass shelves make repositioning quick and easy. In-door shelves are adjustable in 25mm increments for complete flexibility.
Max Ice - This feature increases the rate of ice production by 40% for a 24-hour period.

Sub-zero Fridge

3 Adjustable Glass Shelves
1 Stationary Glass Shelf
1 High-Humidity Drawer with Divider
1 Storage Drawer with Divider
2 Adjustable Door Shelves
1 Stationary Door Shelf
Adjustable Dairy Compartment
Air Purification System
Flip-ip Ventilation Grille

Sub-zero freezer

Full-Extension Roll-Out Freezer Drawer
Two-Tier Wire Storage Baskets
Automatic Ice-Maker
Internal water filter, 1 filter cartridge included

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Technical Information

  • Dimensions (mm)762 W   2134 H   610 D
  • Capacity (litres)478
  • Freezer Capacity (litres)116
  • Power (volts)240V 50HTZ

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