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Frigoboat D10005

1/2 HP Water Cooled Condensing Set for Cold Room

Extremely quiet water cooled condensing unit 230V 50 Htz for cold rooms or multiple fridge and freezer installations.

Key features:

  • Standard control panel with on/off and alarm features
  • or optional touch screen control panel allowing complete control of refrigeration system.
  • Suitable for any refrigeration system using an expansion valve.
  • High efficiency Cupronickle sea water cooling condenser.
  • Hermetic compressor with forced air fan to allow installation in non-ventilated spaces.
  • Regulation by mechanical or digital thermostat.
  • Requires seperate sea water circulation pump


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Technical Information

  • Dimensions (mm)370 W   255 H   285 D
  • Capacity (Watt (5C))1734
  • Power (volts)230V 50Htz
  • Current (amps)1.23 A
  • Weight (kg)23
  • Start Current 12.6 A
  • Max Volume Fridge 11m3 (1734W)
  • Max volume Freezer 1.2m3 (531W)
  • Refrigerant R404A

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