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How to Find Your Spare Part

If you know the part number
Go to the text search on the very top right of the website header bar and type in the manufacturers model or part number.  If we have the product available in our online shop it will list it in the search results. 
NOTE: If you are searching for a part number taken from one of our invoices you must remove the initial '1' or 'VF' from the part number. Our part numbers are the same as our manufacturers except for the addition of a '1' for Frigoboat and Climma parts and a VF for Vitrifrigo parts.

If you don't know the part number
If you don't know the part number the best way to locate a spare part is to find your fridge, compressor or cabinet and download the exploded parts diagram for it.

Still can't find what you are looking for?
Don't worry if you can't find something, just call or send us an enquiry and we can help.

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